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It’s important that your retirement plan is tailored around you. We listen to what clients’ needs and goals are and work diligently to help make sure we’re meeting their expectations. Let us analyze your situation and help you on your path towards a successful retirement.

Helping Agents

We’re an experienced team with a long track record of helping agents increase overall revenue by deepening their client relationships and making the insurance business much easier as a whole. Looking for a leg up? Contact us to see how we can work with you!

CLC Financial Services Group

Since the inception of CLC Financial Services Group in 1976, our goal has remained the same: to provide the best service and options to our clients. To accomplish this, we staff only highly qualified people, develop alliances with industry leaders and stay flexible within our offerings, which allows us to keep up with trends throughout the industry.

CLC Financial Services Group has progressed from offering only fixed and term products to a full array of insurance and security products and services. We also believe an informed client is the best client, so we host workshops on a multitude of topics so every client can feel confident in their financial future, along with giving clients access to helpful planning tools.

The CLC Financial Services Group team works with clients’ best interests in mind. That’s why many of our employees have one or multiple professional designations—to serve you better. 

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Our Services

Estate Planning »

Arrange your financial affairs to maximize the value transferred…

Asset Management »

We will invest on your behalf, giving you access to a wide range…

Business Continuation »

Planning ahead ensures business partners and assets are protected…

Pension Plans »

Your employer may make contributions toward a pool of funds set aside…

401(k) Plans »

When it comes to 401(k) plans, we can help you…

Disability Insurance »

We can help you be certain you’re covered with insurance designed…

Life Insurance »

Be confident your loved ones are protected with a contract between…

Annuities »

We can walk you through the plethora of annuities available…

Medicare Supplements »

This type of insurance is called Medigap, which helps pay for some of…

Long-Term Care Coverage »

Ensure you and your spouse have the right long-term care coverage that…

Individual or Group Health Programs »

We provide you access to free clinically reviewed, easy-to-understand…

Employee Benefit Programs »

By gathering up all the options your employer presents to you…



Here, you’ll find a variety of calculators to help you…


Download our complimentary, no-obligation guides with helpful…


Watch the latest videos showcasing tips, trends and…

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